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Vickie Gilding-Bockenkamp, Ed.D.

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About Vickie Gilding-Bockenkamp, Ed.D.

A little information about me.

I started exploring alternative educational approaches as a result of my own learning difficulties as a child and watching my daughter suffer with similar learning challenges. 

My training began with the Davis Dyslexia Program in Burlingame, CA, in 1996 followed by training with Structure of Intellect (SOI). I am now an Advanced Associate Trainer for SOI Systems, Inc.  I also studied with Dr. Frank Belgau of Balametrics and became an Advanced Level trainer with the program. 

In 2001 I developed a protocol for correcting Sensory Integration Disorders linked to an individuals' ability to efficiently process information for maximum learning potential. The protocol addresses and corrects dyslexic symptoms, Attention Deficit  Disorder (ADD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Auditory Processing Disorders, and physical and mental midline processing weakness. The protocol also addresses behavioral visual processing issues that contribute to stress while reading.

I have a Masters of Science degree in Psychology and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership with an emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction. My research and dissertation is related to  exploring teachers' perceptions related to student learning styles and  the influence on reading comprehension. 

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Vickie Gilding-Bockenkamp, Ed.D.

Academic Support Specialist Services

High school tutor or college student gro
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  • Structure of Intellect (SOI) testing

  • Structure of Intellect (SOI) Basic and Intermediate Training

  • WISC - V testing

  • Sensory Integration Screening 

    • Auditory & Visual Processing​

    • Physical and mental midline

    • Vestibular Processing

    • Working Memory 

  • Learning Style Assessment

Integration & Correction

  • Structure of Intellect Report highlighting educational abilities

  • Sensory Integration Report

  • Educational Roadmap development report highlighting:

    • learning styles

    • gifted abilities

    • lower abilities to develop

    • sensory integration correction protocol

    • customized workbooks to develop low academic abilities

    • Home-based sound therapy programs to train listening skills

    • On-going support for home-based programs

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