To Whom It May Concern:

I have the privilege of recommending to you Victoria Bockenkamp, with whom I have been associated for over a decade.

Our working relationship has spanned three positions, from our being peers to her being my instructor to my being her administrator. Every contact has been personally and professionally rewarding.

As a peer, Victoria was supportive, insightful, and positive. Her suggestions and synergetic creations contributed to the growth and development of the education model used in The Learning Brain.  This model bridges learning style, language and cultural differences of students and she employed every aspect of it. The implementation of this individualized model is highly successful because it incorporates strategies that focus on brain based, developmentally appropriate learning.

As my instructor, Victoria trained me in methods of assessment and instruction for a highly successful approach to remediating learning weaknesses developed by J. P. Gilford and Mary Meeker.  Her training sessions with me were lucid and followed the pattern of presentation to whole group, small group practice, followed by individual practice.  The follow-up was based on examples brought to class by the “students” – that included me.  The foundation she provided enabled me to develop avenues to analysis and usages not included in the training, but were shared and used by both of us.

As her administrator, I could depend on her records to be of the highest level and she contributed her insights and business acumen to our conferences and meetings. Her energy, openness, and positive personality with the commitment to success creates a dynamic synergy that continues far past the moment.

Successful education has been Victoria’s dream and her success with her associates and students, along with the respect given by and received from all who come in contact with her, validate that dream. Her dream expanded to her Masters degree and on, but remains focused on student education and facilitating success of both the teacher and the student.

I feel education’s future is very positive with educators in schools the quality of Victoria Bockenkamp.

Rebecca L.  James, Ed.D.
Director, The Learning Brain
CA Affidavit #: 75248