I have known Vickie for over 10 years, as a parent with a child who was struggling academically, as a teacher who was trained in Structure of Intellect (SOI) model (by Vickie), and as a collaborator working with Vickie to improving the educational experience for all students. While Vickie is not a public school teacher, she has a proven track record in the classroom. With many years of high school teaching experience I had never been given a challenging group of students that arrived in my classroom such as these students. Many of these students were English Language Learners from extremely diverse backgrounds, and demonstrating on average 5th grade reading comprehension and vocabulary skills on the California Academic Test. Ms. Bockenkamp, armed with a small grant from a local Rotary group managed the project with the following goals in mind:

  • Strengthen the students’ overall learning abilities
  • Increase student academic performance with a goal of each student passing the California High School Exit Exam
  • Reduce school costs by:
    • Reducing referral to remediation programs
    • Reducing discipline referrals
    • Reducing retention rates with no change in existing curriculum
    • Accomplished on site with current faculty

Ms. Bockenkamps’ management of the 14 week program exceeded my expectations, with 36 of the 39 students at or above grade level in reading comprehension and vocabulary. Student scores increased in the Academic Literacy classroom and had a positive influence in all areas of the student’s curriculum. Positive feedback from parents, teachers and students motivated students to work even harder and put more energy into increasing abilities and improve grades. Ms. Bockenkamp presented a workshop to staff, met with students, parents, guardians, and community volunteers. She tracked data and monitored progress during the 14 week program. At the completion of the program Ms. Bockenkamp attended a local Rotary group and gave a presentation on the results of the program. Her interactions with all of the stake-holders in our project were always professional, courteous, and done with great respect and humor.

Ms. Linda McClain
Retired Academic Literacy Teacher
June 17, 2013