What are the first steps in the Power Tools for Learning Program?

The first step is determining you or your child’s needs? What are your areas of concern, and will this program address those concerns. The program typically starts with a phone consultation of approximately 30 minutes to determine your needs. An appointment is then scheduled for an assessment.

How much time will the assessment take?

Depending on the age of the client would determine the time frame for testing. This may be between 3 to 7 hours. The assessment time is determined by a number of factors. The age of the individual being tested and the client’s ability to stay engaged in the evaluation process. For example a 6 year old client would test for approximately 11 abilities using the Structure of Intellect ™(SOI) L version testing. This assessment will also include a sensory integration screening, auditory processing screening, SCAN evaluation (to determine auditory processing abilities). A high school or college student will test with the SOI CR version test that evaluates up to 27 abilities. This would also include a sensory integration screening, auditory processing screening, and SCAN to determine auditory processing abilities.

3 to 7 hours of testing seems like a long time, can we break evaluation times into smaller time frames?

Yes, we could break evaluation times into smaller time frames if needed. I only do this as a last resort. I use the SOI Testing as a diagnostic tool as well as abilities assessment and also looking for other processing issues that may not present themselves until the client is fatigued. An example of this is an individual who seems to stay focused all day in school or work, but when arriving home and attempts to do homework can no longer stay focused and is unable to do the work. The valuable sensory processing information will present itself as fatigue begins to set in and can give us important diagnostic information in developing a plan for correcting the sensory integration issues.

Do you supply written reports with program recommendations?

I supply written reports with an overview of SOI test scores, the sensory processing screening results, SCAN auditory processing reports, student learning style, and a list of recommendations for moving forward. For an extra fee, when asked, I create reports that highlight Common Core Standards and SOI Scores by grade level. Upon request, I will develop a Probability Analysis based on the clients’ abilities up to 3 grade levels ahead. These reports are very helpful for students who are gifted and want to move to higher grades.


What happens after these reports are issued?

Depending on program recommendations, a series of recommendations will be highlighted, which may include additional time in my office (averaging 3 to 5 hours) and a home protocol is developed for the client. This may include SOI modules to build low abilities, a sound therapy program, and Balametics balance board activities. Home programs are designed to save the client time and money and can be done without too much disruption to the normal family routine.

What if I cannot get my child to do the home protocol?

This is the downside to the program. Home protocols only work if they are done. You cannot place a balance board under a child’s bed and expect the board to do its job, when the child will not participate. I do check in with my clients, and if we need to modify the program (for local clients), I may see a student for an hour a week to check in and hold them accountable for the weeks activities and assist them with any areas of the protocol they may have difficulty with.

Where are you located, and do you work with clients out of your area?

I am located in the San Francisco, East Bay area. My clients have come from as far away as Toronto, Canada and Johannesburg, South Africa. Recently a protocol was done via Skype with a client from Australia. Technology has made it easier to work with clients from around the globe. Clients have flown in from around the country as well—I am approximately 10 minutes from Oakland airport—and the S.F. bay area is a fantastic place to take a little vacation as well!