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November, 2016    Online Training

SOI logoThe Structures of Intellect (SOI) intermediate training is a 3-day course structured to provide you with more advanced skills in interpreting and utilizing SOI assessment results. You must have completed SOI Basic Training in order to take this course. In this training:

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  • You will learn to interpret SOI results and how it correlates to possible challenges related to Common Core curriculum.
  • You will gain skills in clinical interpretation which teaches how to correlate SOI test results with various types of learning patterns. These various types of learning will include dyslexia, reading difficulties, giftedness, learning disabilities, delinquent behaviors, potential for job training.
  • You will learn the responsibilities and methods of training to remediate challenges using SOI programs.
  • Once you have completed Intermediate SOI Training you are certified to provide SOI Basic Training. In the intermediate training you will learn what is required to do basic training and what is required to certify others in Basic SOI Training. As part of this preparation for training you will learn the SOI training policies and best practices, including confidentiality, copyright and conditions of licensing SOI software.