I found Vickie through her website while searching for ways to help our son. We had been through a long journey of several different doctors and therapist leading us one way or another. Nobody really seemed to know what the issue was or what he needed.

Our son is very bright. He is intelligent and challenging and energetic. All of these characteristics are good if channeled in the right way. With Vickie’s help, we were able to truly understand the reason behind the behaviors. Through following her suggestions and guidance, we were able to better understand what our son needed.

Thanks to Vickie, she confirmed what we already knew as parents, that our son didn’t need medication, that there was a real reason for his behavior and that through time using sound therapy/balance board work, we would see improvement…and we did!

Today, our son is a much happier and more balanced child than he was before we used Vickie’s Power Tools for Learning. We are very grateful we found her!

B. Espindola
March 8, 2013