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    Adults can change their brain
    We offer programs to adults who want to make learning, reading and writing easier
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    Mental midline processing


For Children and Adults


Designed for specific needs


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How can our programs make your learning easier?

An extensive evaluation process gives the student, parent, and educator  a concise road map of actual abilities needed to eliminate destructive learning behaviors.

Once road blocks in sensory processing are identified  and cleared, healthy mental attitudes develop by building upon academic and career success.

New learning strategies emerge when individuals have knowledge of learning style, actual abilities, and efficient processing abilities.

Developing low abilities needed for academic success increases comprehension. Increased comprehension leads to even greater academic success.

Once we “crack the code”  and develop sensory processing disorders and low abilities self-confidence increases with each little success.

Personal empowerment is an “inside job”  and comes from continual, reinforced academic and career success. The Power Tools for Learning Program offers a key to personal empowerment.